Programme of Study

The Programme of Study refers to the academic subjects a student will choose, independent study, enrichment and work experience. At Alderbrook you can have a choice of what this will be:


  • 3 A Level Subjects (standard entry)
  • 3 A Level Subjects + Core Maths
  • 3 A Level Subjects + an EPQ
  • 4 A Level Subjects (at least six 9-8 GCSEs)


Range of Subjects

We are pleased to offer a large and varied curriculum at Post 16 and hope that this will help you to select courses that suit your skills and talents. When choosing your A Level courses you should pay particular attention to these three questions:


  • Would I really enjoy studying this subject at a higher level?
  • How well do I think I would achieve in this subject and am I good at it?
  • Is this subject essential or related to the courses I am considering in Higher Education or for my intended career path?


Art & Design                                                                                                           History

Biology                                                                                                                    Business Studies

Mathematics                                                                                                         Core Maths (AS comparable)

Chemistry                                                                                                               Further Mathematics

Computer Science                                                                                              Media Studies

Dance                                                                                                                       Music

Drama & Theatre                                                                                                 Physical Education

Economics                                                                                                              Politics

English Language                                                                                                Product Design

English Literature                                                                                                Psychology

Sociology                                                                                                                Spanish



 EPQ (AS comparable)


Please note: All A Level course options are subject to demand

Choosing the best combination of courses can be difficult. We will offer the advice and support you need to help with this. We would also encourage you to undertake your own research to discover which A Levels you will need for entry to a University Degree. You should consult the UCAS website or look at and All these websites will provide useful information to support your decision making.


Some courses and careers require A Level passes in specific subjects, but for many students the chances are that you may not find a career in directly related to your studies at A Level or Degree. Taking certain ‘facilitating’ subjects can lead to a wider range of course choices at universities. These include English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History and Languages. It is worth remembering however, that very few degree courses ask for more than one specific subject at A Level.