Student Voice

The student voice is very important in our Sixth Form. We want to build excellent relationships with our young adults and we want them to be proactive in their learning and experiences with us. As such, we give students a variety of ways to voice their thoughts and opinions:


  • Student Committee – the committee is comprised of two nominated students from each year and each tutor group. They are selected at the start of the academic year. They meet at least once a term to discuss matters arising and can also be called upon by the Student Leadership Team.
  • Conference – in the summer term of Year 12, students gather together for an afternoon where they hear from a keynote speaker, create an agenda regarding matters important to them, enjoy a buffet lunch and try to suggest suitable outcomes for their points. At the end of the afternoon students also complete an online survey about their Sixth Form experience during the year.
  • Whole School Council – the Student Leadership team sit on this council and meets with members of the lower school to discuss matters important to the whole student body.


Student Voice Conference June 2016

Wednesday 22 June saw us host our first Student Voice Conference for our Year 12 students. The conference placed our Sixth Form motto ‘Fulfilling Potential : Inspiring Minds’ at its heart and students were treated to an inspiring keynote speech by Gemma Morgan.


Gemma is the Founder of Morgan Eight Ltd. and Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Trained at the Royal Academy Sandhurst, she was the first woman to be awarded the Carmen Sword for outstanding performance as a young officer. Gemma's story is one of resilience and recovery, emerging from the horror of war crimes in Kosovo. She powerfully shared her experience and the profound lessons that came as she learned how to live on. Year 12 had the opportunity to quiz Gemma afterwards and find out even more about her fascinating recent trip to Florida as the lead female singer in the Invictus Games Choir!


After such a motivating start to proceedings and a lovely buffet served courtesy of the kitchen, students were able to voice their opinions on a variety of agenda items that they themselves created. They worked hard in small working parties to discuss topics and present them back to each other with respect, focus and clarity. All in all, a very successful occasion which identified the many strengths of our Sixth Form provision and some areas in which we can continue grow – these can be found listed below.



  • Proud to be members of the Alderbrook Sixth Form community
  • Enjoy their lessons with staff
  • Find the teaching and learning is both challenging and demanding
  • Think their staff are accessible and helpful when they encounter difficulties
  • Tell us behaviour in their lessons is outstanding
  • Feel safe at school


Areas identified for improvement in 2016/17:

  • A wider range of enrichment activities for a Wednesday
  • Increased number of subject trips / Sixth Form trips
  • Car parking for students
  • Tutor time to be more focused and used productively
  • WIFI login in social area to be reviewed


In response we have:

  • Developed an extensive range of Wednesday enrichment activities in-house
  • Subject depts. have been asked to see where appropriate more opportunities may be found outside of the classroom to support learning. An annual foreign cultural city break for Sixth Form students has been planned into the calendar for February ½ Term. In 2017 this will be a five day trip to Berlin.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to provide car parking spaces for Sixth Form students. We did review this situation again after the conference but due to Health and Safety concerns on an already very busy school site, we cannot accommodate this request.
  • The newly appointed Sixth Form Co-ordinators for Years 12 and 13, have planned Tutor time overviews for the year groups in keeping with relevant PSHE, SMSC and academic needs for their age. This has now been given to the team of tutors to deliver with students for 2016/17.
  • The ICT support team are investigating the WIFI in the Sixth Form social area to see how the login can be improved. Blocks will be removed from certain websites so Sixth Formers have greater access to a range of appropriate sites like Staff.