Exam Board: Edexcel


Why A-Level Politics?


Politics is everything. From our daily interactions to military invasions and nuclear deterrents. Politics is about power. Politics A-Level is about understanding the root of that power and how Government policies on education, healthcare and civil liberties are made.

Youth engagement in Politics in the UK is an issue. It has been estimated that only 36 per cent of people in the 18 – 24 year old category voted in the EU referendum, yet it is that age group that will be most impacted by the vote. Politics A-Level is part of the remedy to this disengagement.

By investing in Political debate and keeping abreast of current affairs students will develop key communication and research skills and analytical skills will be honed as students evaluate political concepts and arguments from competing and sometimes controversial perspectives.


What will you study?


Politics A-Level covers a wide range of content, from the very basics of the UK political system and voting patterns, to the grander ‘Beacon of Democracy’ that is the political system of the USA. The competing ideologies and thinkers that have shaped these systems are considered in detail against the backdrop of current affairs as the Political landscape changes around us during the course. 



University degrees that require or often prefer Politics include:


Politics, History, Classics, English Literature, Economics, Media, Journalism, Travel and Tourism, Law, Psychology and Sociology.


Possible careers:

Directly related: Journalism, Law, Media, Academia, Teaching, Diplomacy, National and Local Politics.

Further afield: Policing, Business, Defence, The Creative Arts. 


Entry requirements:


Minimum 6 grade in English Language or grade 6  in History where applicable. 


"Anyone who says they are not interested in politics is like a drowning man who insists he is not interested in water."

Mahatma Gandhi