Exam Board:Edexcel


Why A level Maths?

It has long been argued that the Maths GCSE curriculum in this country does not present adequate challenge for the most able mathematicians.  The curriculum consists largely of topics that require procedural methodologies and the various components are somewhat disjointed.  However, the A Level curriculum is arguably one of the most challenging Key Stage 5 courses and is highly regarded by universities and employers alike.  Unlike GCSE Mathematics, the A level begins to form links between the numerous elements of pure mathematics, which have actual application in the real world.  Success at A level requires much greater degrees of commitment, self-motivation and work ethic, even for the most able mathematicians.



What will you study?

Alderbrook’s A Level Maths Course follows the Edexcel specification. The two year course consists of two compulsory Pure Maths components and a further Statistics and Mechanics component.




University degrees that require or often prefer Maths include:

Computer Science, Engineering, Accounting, Economics, Architecture, Actuarial Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Sports Science.


Possible careers:

Medicine, science, actuary, architecture, game designers, engineering, IT and computing, automotive, biosciences, financial services. 


Entry requirements:

Minimum grade 7 in GCSE Maths (8 preferable).


'Maths defines the physical universe and everything that it contains. Welcome to the only axiomatically perfect subject; the only exact Science. Look left, look right, you cannot escape it. This is Maths! '