Exam Board: AQA


Why A Level French?    

An ability to learn a language will increase your confidence, independence, creativity and resourcefulness. Exploring other cultures broadens your horizons, enhances your understanding of your native culture and promotes cultural diversity. In the 21st century, being able to communicate in a foreign language is an asset, valued by both employers and universities and is an invaluable life-long skill.


What will you study?

The course will build on the linguistic skills you will have gained at GCSE and broaden your social, political, economic and cultural knowledge of the countries where that language is spoken. You will also experience a wider variety of topics relating to contemporary and lifestyle issues which will develop your language skills as you progress through the course.  You will be presented with a range of authentic stimuli including film, video clips, music and interactive online resources and have access to listening and reading materials including  exam-type questions, supported by vocabulary sheets and grammar activities.


University degrees that require or often prefer a qualification in French include:

Modern foreign language degrees,  European Language Studies,  Linguistic Degrees,  Leisure and Tourism,  International Politics, Classical Studies.


Possible careers:

Accountancy, armed services, banking, business management (sales and marketing), civil service, commerce.


Entry requirements:

Minimum grade 6 in GCSE French.


'Avoir une autre langue, c'est posséder une seconde âme.'

'To have another language is possess a second soul.'