Exam Board: AQA


Why A level English Language?

The study of English Language is a complex, yet inspiring, journey into communication in its most diverse forms. Alongside the exploration of grammatical structures, students will have the opportunity to analyse how language impacts on individuals and communities, within a rigorous and academic framework.


What will you study?

A level English Language is quite different from the experience at GCSE, as it focuses on how the language is learnt, used and changed in different contexts, at different times.




University degrees that require or often prefer English include:

English Literature, English Language and Linguistics, History, Media Studies, Drama, Modern Foreign Languages, European Studies and American Studies.


Possible careers:

Directly related:  Journalist, technical writer, editor, author, lecturer and teacher.


Further afield: Public relations specialist, lawyer, sales, stockbroker, brand manager and advertising.


Entry requirements:

Minimum grade 6 in GCSE English Language.


'The English Language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination. It is the property of the language itself.'

Derek Walcott, Poet