Exam Board: AQA

Why A level Business?


Business is a 'real life' subject it helps students to become good decision makers and to develop managerial skills.  Students will use a range of real business examples to develop their analytical problem solving skills as well as developing valuable evaluative skills, all of which are well sought after in a wide range of careers.


What will you study?

During the first year, A Level Business focusses on decision making and an emphasis on the four functional areas of marketing, human resources, operations and finance.  In the second year, the course takes a strategic approach to decision making where students will be able to analyse business strategy and discuss how a business should implement the strategy in order for it to be effective.business


University degrees that require or often prefer Business Studies include:

Business, Accountancy,  Human Resources, Marketing, Actuarial Studies and Management Studies, Economics.

Possible careers:


Directly related: Business management, accountancy, finance and insurance.


Further afield: Marketing executive, logistics and distribution manager, IT and mobile communications.

Entry requirements:

Minimum grade 6 in Business if studied at GCSE or a grade 6 in a humanities subject (History, Geography or RE). English and Maths at grade 6. 

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