Exam Board: OCR

Why A level Art and Design?

Art is a powerful visual stimulus, which enriches our lives in many ways. Art can form a stimulus for thought or it can be used in many practical ways from product design, advertising, architecture and the media. The A Level course will allow students to develop their ability to appreciate the visual world and respond in a personal and creative way.


What will you study?

Students will produce a collection of work based on an idea, theme or issue which will demonstrate their ability to research, develop ideas and link work in a meaningful way. They will develop a working knowledge of materials, practices and technology, working with contextual studies to convey and synthesise ideas through Art.


University degrees that require or often prefer Art and Design include:

Specialist Art and Design courses, including Fine Art, Graphic Design, Fashion and Textiles (N.B Art degrees usually prefer a one-year foundation course post A Level), Liberal Arts, Art History, Multimedia Design Technology, Architecture and Product Design.


Possible Careers:

Directly related: Artist, product designer, graphic designer, animator, art therapist, illustrator, photographer, architect, sculptor and fashion or textile designer.

Further afield: Video game/ web designer, Art Critic


Entry requirements

Minimum grade 6 in GCSE Art & Design.


‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. ‘ 

Edgar Degas