• Candidates should normally be sixteen years of age, but not yet seventeen on 1 September of their year of entry.


  • Overall five 9 - 5 GCSEs including English and Mathematics will be required.


  • A grade 6 will generally be required in the chosen subjects where it has been studied at Key Stage 4. However, you should refer to the specific information to confirm this, as individual subjects may be higher and other GCSE qualifications may be required or desirable.


  • A commitment to learning evidenced from school reports.


If you do not achieve the grades you expected or had hoped for, it will be important to seek advice from our re-enrolment team on GCSE Results Day.  In some circumstances, and dependent on your choices of A Level subjects, exceptions may be made, however it should be noted this is very rare.


All courses will be offered as full two year Linear A Level qualifications. Entry into Year 13 is not automatic and will be based on Year 12 mock exam results, ongoing continuous assessment and attitudes to learning. Based on teacher advice, students will need to be confident that they are on track to achieve in line with their ability at this level.